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Dynamics of working from home

The productivity dynamics of working from home

While the debate around back-to-the-office versus remote working continues, studies on the productivity of working remotely show that remote workers are often more productive than in the office environment. But how come?  Here are the top four points as to why most employees prefer to work from home:

No traveling

Speaking to most friends and colleagues, the biggest positive is not having to commute to work. Whether you are sitting in traffic for 20 minutes or an hour, travelling has become stressful. The added stress of traffic lights not working or an accident on your route can add up to 30 minutes or even longer on your journey. Another major relief of not traveling is the savings made on fuel costs. When you arrive at work stressed, it takes time to unwind. A suggested alternate for employees who work in the office would be a more flexible working-hours approach to avoid travelling during peak times.

Fewer sick days

Employers have also found that employees working from home take fewer sick days. This could be for several reasons: from not being in contact with germs around the office, to creating a more relaxed environment that they prefer to work in. Some just need a break from work and working from home and alone offers that break without having to take time off.

Fewer distractions

We all have those colleagues who just love to chit-chat. Even a conversation about work can turn into a friendly chat about other interests, and before you know it, you have spent 15 or more minutes distracted from your conversation about work-related matters. The “chat around the watercooler” is a common workplace occurrence. We all need that little break away from our desks, but the time it consumes and the distraction and work rhythm it breaks can also reduce productivity at the workplace.

More comfortable environment

Ditch the heels, suit and make-up for comfy and relaxed attire. Finding a warm and comfortable spot in your house, by the window, or a sunspot greatly adds to your productivity.

A happy, relaxed employee will always be a more productive worker. We all need human interaction, but our behaviour has shown that we are adaptable and resilient. We have adapted to working from home and are mostly more productive.

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