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Next-gen payroll technology enables global reach

Next-gen payroll: Processing in accordance with local labour law

Processing local payroll has to be done in accordance with local labour law. Compliance is mandatory and the pressure on payroll practitioners has increased because of data management legislation like PoPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Professional payroll management requires thorough knowledge of local regulation, law and industry standards.  But the reality of the modern workplace is that business disciplines like human resource management and payroll administration no longer operate in silos and are no longer confined to local regions. Global relevance and jurisdiction is very much a part of the broader spectrum of responsibility.

This is where technology plays an important role. Few companies have got it exactly right in terms of rolling out solutions that automate functions, and providing a ‘single plane of glass’ from which to view the entire organisation, all data and data points instantly.

Here CRS Technologies leads the market. Our platform is designed to integrate easily with different payroll systems, both locally and abroad, and provides payroll and human resource practitioners with that instant comprehensive view in order to make informed decisions.

With CRS embedded within the business, human resources and payroll can automate processes, gain visibility into systems, and bypass the stress that comes with payroll and employee admin.

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