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Keep skeleton staff inspired

Keep skeleton staff inspired this festive season

It may be quieter for many businesses, but that needn’t dampen the holiday spirit

Many businesses will still be operational during what is traditionally a quieter period over the festive break, but for those who must man their posts, it needn’t be a drab, frustrating experience.

This is a time for employers and employees to reflect on the year, take stock of where they are as people and as a business, and see what needs to be included in a strategy for the year ahead.

A Christmas party is always a good start. It gives everyone, including those who are not on leave, a chance to interact, to take ‘some time out’ to acknowledge the hard work and enjoy the recognition.

It is also a motivation, a reward to help entrench the team dynamic – a reminder to everyone that they are part of a collective and their contribution – no matter how minor it may seem – is important and valued.

The party is also a chance for gift giving, perhaps even include a ‘Secret Santa’ – this is a novel way of getting everyone to participate and ‘share the moment’ together.

From a human resources perspective, the festive period can be tricky. On the one hand you have to manage leave, bonuses and the like, but at the same time you have to ensure that the business continues to operate and you have to motivate skeleton staff.

The features some interesting tips that can certainly help. These include planning ahead, spreading the extra work, and reporting results/feedback that can only serve to inspire and acknowledge. Providing skeleton staff with updates on their work, their efforts and progress is an effective way to keep people focused and motivated.

Business leaders should try to be as flexible as possible with time and allow employees some leeway.  It is simple and affordable to implement some ‘festive fun’ like competitions for prizes, lucky Santa draws and so forth. It would amaze the hardest of hearts how much a small gesture can mean.

Remote working has emerged as a key trend that is likely to continue and the festive period shouldn’t derail efforts to implement flexibility in the workplace.

During these challenging times, being able to regulate and plan ahead as much as possible will position the business to operate to meet all deliverables, targets and service agreements during the festive period.

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