InfoBytesMay 11, 2023

Don’t let nepotism get a grip on your workplace

Nepotism in the workplace is never a good thing. Basing what should be a professional decision of outcomes and performance on personal feelings can result in unethical outcomes.

Hiring a friend or family member for a job that they are not qualified for or don’t have the correct skill set to do, can have a huge negative effect on your business.

Other staff can view this as unfair behaviour, which could result in a demotivated workforce. Why should they work hard for a promotion, recognition, or opportunities if the playing fields are uneven?

Ultimately, this could cause a decline in work and efforts; standards could drop, and this will impact your company’s brand and reputation in the long run.

You may also have to deal with legal challenges if a staff member feels threatened and raises these issues at the CCMA. Nepotism in the workplace could lead to claims of discrimination, which is governed by the Employment Equity Act.

The bottom line: nepotism is unethical and undermines organisational effectiveness.

To foster a healthy, productive and motivated workforce, staff need to feel that they work in a fair and transparent environment. Happy staff always equals growth.

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