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Resenteeism – An emerging trend that threatens to derail business

Just when we thought the great resignation, quiet quitting and rage application was enough to deal with, business leaders now have to tackle resenteeism – employees going to work physically, but being utterly disconnected emotionally and being indifferent in venting their frustration or anger with their employer.

We have looked into this term and reviewed employee satisfaction surveys for a better workforce, which describe resenteeism as a follow-on from quiet quitting and rage application. Today, resenteeism has crept into human resource capital management and must be taken seriously by those who are entrusted to manage human resources.

An article published by News24 explains the concept well: “They might not be rage applying, but are gradually growing bitter and resentful towards their job or organisation in a way that shows.”

But why? This is the question that many managers will be asking.  As a specialist in outsourced HR services and a services provider that understands the nuances of efficient application screening, interviewing and placement, CRS Technologies agrees with many of the reasons behind this trend.

Often people become disillusioned and struggle with the realities of their jobs. They feel unappreciated, undervalued and generally treated with indifference. And so they begin to ‘go through the routine’ and pitch up for work, but have no zeal for what they do or why they are doing it.

Some human resource publications and experts in human resource skills with mentoring and training say the trend is a direct consequence of COVID-19.  After the ‘great resignation’ many people have applied for available or vacated positions, and those who remained often feel resentful, unappreciated, undervalued and treated with disdain.

A key part of resenteeism is that it is characterised by people who either cannot or will not hide their actual feelings about a job or employer. If they are genuinely unhappy about where they are or what they do, they simply don’t keep those emotions in check … they act on these feelings and express them.

We cannot afford to lose perspective. CRS Technologies has established a solid reputation for expertise in human resource development, outsourced human resource management and services, and helping customers with comprehensive employee policy and procedure manuals.

The best advice we can give is to consult with us regarding human resource outsourcing solutions, expert outsourced human resource services, human resource audits and compliance with legislation governing human resource disciplinary and grievance handling.


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