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How should companies approach ‘Sunday Scaries’

Scary work tactics – how should companies approach ‘Sunday Scaries’

There is an emerging human resources trend called ‘Sunday Scaries’ which may sound trivial, but can have serious repercussions if ignored.

Sunday Scaries is the term used to describe feelings of anxiety or depression that workers are prone to experience, particularly on a Sunday.

Why? Human resource and human capital management experts explain that these feelings are triggered when people think about deadlines not met, work that is overdue, and any other challenges that have to be faced in the new week.

There’s also the realisation that the weekend – generally reserved for family and personal time – has ended, and the reality of a tough or awkward week ahead sinks in.

Human beings are creatures of habit, we know this, and so it’s quite easy to get into a routine, positive or negative.  We try to ‘forget’ or ‘escape’ anxiety over work issues swimming around our minds by socialising, enjoying time with friends and family, or relaxing with a favourite hobby.

But, inevitably, many of us succumb to the dread of knowing we will have to face the new week and whatever may arise.

Fortunately, there are a few practical ways to deal with the Sunday Scaries and it’s important for both employers and employees to recognise this issue.

Cause of Sunday Scaries is psychological

Online research suggests that employees do as much as possible to avoid the ‘avalanche’ of last-minute scurrying around to complete tasks before the Monday.

Workers are also advised to write down and highlight items or tasks that they are looking forward to, that may be fun or different – just to adjust the mindset and help balance the outlook.

Some websites also mention the value of meditation. This makes sense because the baseline cause of Sunday Scaries is psychological – so if there is a way to refocus, reset the mind and change the mental picture, that can only be an advantage. says while we can’t ‘stop’ the mind from thinking, meditation can help us manage thoughts and deal with stress.

Reflecting on commentary from health professionals, there is also the suggestion to establish some kind of Sunday routine that will help to ‘restructure’ the day and ease anxiety because there is a plan in place, so to speak. Consistency and routine that includes ‘fun stuff’ is always a good idea.

Of course, these are all positive suggestions for workers who now perform their duties in an always-connected environment. Balance is essential to sustainability. Knowledge is also always preferable.

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