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CRS News Flash 6 October 2023 – SOUTH AFRICA – COIDA confirmation of life for all foreign pensioners and beneficiaries


It is important that employers note the following:

Confirmation of life for all foreign pensioners and beneficiaries in the compensation fund

In terms of section 6A of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, the commissioner for the compensation fund (CF) has issued Notice no. 3930 in Government Gazette No. 49398, dated 2 October 2023, to inform all pensioners, beneficiaries and recipients of a monthly pension from the CF to submit the confirmation of life documents as proof of verification before 31 October 2023 and before 31 March 2024.

This applies to all non-South African citizens residing in or outside of South Africa, as well as all South African citizens residing outside South Africa who are:

·        Injury on duty (IOD)/occupational disease (OD) employees who receive a monthly pension because of a disability; or

·        Dependents of deceased pensioners and the guardians receiving pension on behalf of the dependents below the age of 18 years.

The following mandatory information should be submitted for confirmation of life:

·        Completed Wac.22 form;

·        Certified copy (within three months) of the valid identification documents (applicable to the pensioner, spouses and guardian);

·        Certified copy (within three months) of birth certificates (for children dependents) in the approved format (only children dependents receiving pension).

Where further confirmation is necessary, the fund may request additional information such as certified copies of death certificates, marriage certificates, proof of guardianship, confirmation of banking details, etc.

The above information should be submitted to the CF via email to with the subject line ‘Confirmation of life and claim number and or business partner number’.

Failure to submit the required confirmation of life documents will result in the suspension and termination of pensioners and beneficiaries from the pension payroll file.

To view the Government Gazette, follow the link.

Contact our legislation team on if you require any additional information.

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