Cybersecurity and a cyber-savvy workforce

Cybersecurity: creating a cyber-savvy workforce

Roy Evans, IT manager at CRS Technologies

Cybersecurity has become a business imperative. With global spending on cybersecurity solutions exceeding $1 trillion in 2021 and the cybersecurity market expected to reach $300 billion by 2024, companies are embracing software and services to strengthen their defences. However, effective security goes beyond the technologies used. Instead, employees have become one of the most important weapons in the war against cybercrime.

According to statistics published last year, up to 95% of cyberattacks begin with email-based threats such as phishing. This puts employees at the frontline. They must therefore receive the necessary training and access to tools to act as the company’s first line of defence.

At CRS, we believe in cultivating a cyber-savvy workforce. This is done by providing our people with a comprehensive understanding of the role they play in maintaining cybersecurity. So, rather than purely relying on cybersecurity software, we invest in establishing a culture of security awareness. This provides the business with a more comprehensive platform that leverages employee engagement to strengthen its security stance.

Putting people first

This journey starts by educating our staff members about the company’s cybersecurity objectives. We do this by implementing a security policy that not only educates but also requires employees to demonstrate their commitment by acknowledging their understanding and adherence. This policy serves as a foundation, outlining the responsibilities each individual holds in safeguarding sensitive corporate information and ensuring the integrity of their online and offline activities.

But this is not a once-off process. The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving. Therefore, CRS places a strong emphasis on continuous education. Fortunately, we have moved beyond the traditional presentation-style training of the past. Rather, it is about putting in place a dynamic and engaging programme that resonates with the specific challenges and scenarios employees may face daily. By tailoring the content to our unique environment, we ensure that the training is not only relevant but also directly applicable to each employee.

Making a game out of it

One of the more innovative things we have done as a business is to integrate gamification and simulation into our training methodology. This reflects people’s tendency to easily become bored with conventional training formats. As such, we wanted to create a more interactive and enjoyable experience. This captures the attention of our employees while significantly improving retention and the application of knowledge.

For instance, a simulated ransomware attack not only tests a person’s ability to recognise phishing attempts but also educates them in real time through immediate feedback and tailored training materials. This blend of challenge and learning culminates in a competitive environment that fosters a sense of achievement and recognition among our staff.

It is also important for companies to ensure variety and innovation in how to continue building employee engagement. CRS regularly introduces new and creative training initiatives to make sure that cybersecurity awareness remains a dynamic and integral part of the company culture. This commitment, coupled with incentives and rewards, underscores the value placed on each employee’s role in cybersecurity.

Maintaining focus

Beyond these methods, we make sure that the cybersecurity training provided to employees is concise and focused. To this end, we have mastered the art of delivering impactful training in digestible chunks, ensuring that employees are not overwhelmed but instead remain engaged and receptive. Additionally, we create an environment where incident reporting is encouraged and valued. This is critical in reinforcing the security-conscious culture within the business.

For us, our employees are seen as essential assets in the fight against cyber threats. By integrating education, engagement and empowerment, we are committed to improving our defences from the inside out.

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