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September – The role of the stokvel in the organisation

South Africans are well-known for their participation in stokvel saving schemes where members contribute a fixed monthly amount that is paid out to a specific member on a specified date. Nicol Myburgh, Head of the HR Business Unit at CRS Technologies, says employers can integrate these payments into existing processes to make it safer and more convenient for those members.

Faking your qualifications is now a criminal offence

Falsifying credentials is a great deal more serious than some may believe. It’s not just about mischievously deceiving a potential employer, playing a role to achieve an end, or simply a clever form of con-artistry – actually this scourge on South Africa’s already-pressurised economy is costing the country dearly, and now those found guilty of faking qualifications can be prosecuted.

August – Dealing with mental issues in the workplace

Dealing with mental issues in the workplace – rethinking the recruitment process The use of anti-depressants in South Africa has increased by more than 50% over the last five years. This, together with the classification of some mental illnesses as disabilities, is resulting in organisations having to rethink how they approach the recruitment process, says […]

The new Government NHI plan – like it or not, there are implications

The new Government NHI plan – if you like it or not, there are implications It is fair to say that South Africa’s National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill 2019, introduced to the National Assembly on 8 August, is a contentious issue and remains a talking point for both employees and employers. As CRS Technologies, our […]

August – Why choose enterprise solutions?

Even though solutions designed for small to medium businesses (SMBs) are cost-effective and relatively easy to implement, they do not meet the scalability and capacity requirements needed for the enterprise. Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS Technologies, argues that large organisations should steer clear of going the SMB route and instead opt for solutions that best fit their needs.

August – Understanding what makes software enterprise-ready

Enterprises require solutions that meet their unique requirements. Irrespective of whether it is enterprise application software (EAS) or software-as-a-service (SaaS), according to Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS Technologies, an enterprise-focused approach is fundamental to business success in the digital world.