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July – CRS system offers risk-free talent administration

CRS system offers risk-free talent administration with new employee engagement solution called Engage Leading HR and human capital management specialist CRS Technologies has rolled out a new employee engagement solution, aptly named Engage, which offers risk-free talent administration and enables businesses to cultivate a rich, vibrant and interactive environment to inspire staff. CRS Technologies maintains […]

June – The future of payroll and the cloud

While the cloud is fundamentally changing how organisations use data, when it comes to sensitive information such as HR and payroll, caution needs to be applied, this according to Ian McAlister, General Manager of HR (human resources) and payroll specialists CRS Technologies South Africa.

June – Outsourcing HR can optimise human capital

Complex labour legislation is among the many reasons why more companies are choosing to outsource their human resource (HR) function to specialists while they focus on delivering on the core strategy.

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from going the outsourced route as it delivers good return on investment and reduces the risk of human capital.

June – Migrating your payroll to the cloud

While the arrival of multinational data centres in South Africa has prompted more organisations to consider moving to the cloud, some are still hesitant to migrate their payroll to this environment. According to Ian McAlister, General Manager of CRS Technologies, the advantages far outweigh any concerns.

June – Be wary of recorded conversations

Contrary to popular belief, companies may be within their rights to secretly record conversations with employees and use that information against them in a court of law. However, the reverse is also true. Nicol Myburgh, Head of the Human Resource Business Unit at CRS Technologies, says this has the potential to significantly change the dynamic in the workplace.

Why Outsource your HR?

The business case for outsourcing the HR function is straightforward – it provides any-sized business with a dependable resource that can be used to effectively manage HR with less cost, less risk and less pressure on resources, if you have the right partner on board.

Gender pay gap inequality still impacts human resources

Human resource and human capital management experts agree – the fact that women are generally paid less than men in the workplace has a detrimental effect on society.  As one academic put it – “unfair pay practices perpetuate societal inequalities and keep families in poverty”.

Access to a tax advisory service during tax season adds substantial value

Access to a tax advisory service adds value in a substantial manner during the annual tax season. We all know the drill by now… around this time of the year, tax season, businesses have to ensure compliance with SARS legislation governing the submission of returns. We also all realise that we are operating in a […]