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From 1 January 2020 all parents – including fathers of new-born children and mothers of children born through surrogacy – will be entitled to 10 days’ paid parental leave, i.e. up to 66% from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) or their full salaries at the discretion of their employer, when their children are born.

Falsifying credentials is a great deal more serious than some may believe. It’s not just about mischievously deceiving a potential employer, playing a role to achieve an end, or simply a clever form of con-artistry – actually this scourge on South Africa’s already-pressurised economy is costing the country dearly, and now those found guilty of faking qualifications can be prosecuted.

National Women’s Day has nothing to do with honouring women simply because they are female. Rather, it is about celebrating the bravery of 20 000 South African women who challenged the stereotype that they are politically incompetent and immature citizens who belong in the kitchen. In 1956, when the then apartheid government proposed amendments to the Urban...

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