CRS Outsource Employment Services

CROS enables organisations to hire high-end talent across borders without the complexity.

In a world where skills are becoming scarcer and remote workers increasingly prevalent, companies are looking for ways to access to global talent pools without having to invest in the infrastructure and complexities that limit them in paying and managing this talent.

CROS Outsource Employment Services enables organisations to hire high-end talent across borders without the complexity or regulatory challenges.

CROS provides companies with access to a growing network of allied service providers that can provide a full spectrum of human capital management services to any location in the world.

Skills in countries where no legal organisational entity exists.
Employment global human resources and payment services without infrastructure.
Limited-risk employment legislation.
Leave balances, provident funds, employee self-service.
Statutory deductions and payments to relevant government authorities.
Reduced staff count without losing valuable skills.
Employee dispute resolution.
Save on company tax.
Save on local infrastructure.
No local company registration or red tape.
Tap into a team of global legislation experts.
Sell products and services in foreign markets.

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