Transparent engagement and project productivity
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Envolve is an elegant resource management and data-to-dashboard reporting tool that has evolved from punitive resource monitoring systems and generations of unsuccessful employee engagement tools into a solution that works for both employer and employee.

A disciplined foundation of the organisation’s values, purpose and key success factors and each employee’s role within.
A full designation library that aligns effortlessly with roles and standard job descriptions. Customisable exceptions can also be included.
Easily set goals and expectations across the enterprise, division or department, with predetermined access levels.
A live dashboard that provides immediate status and performance reporting.
An employee interface delivered straight to their smartphone, which requires minimal effort for compliance.
Team performance and management for short-term and ad hoc projects.
Obstacles hindering project completion are clearly transparent from employer and employee vantage points.
Employees are aligned with the company purpose and no longer work in isolation.
All departments and divisions have a clear picture of the number of hours required to optimise efficiencies, as well as a view on potential skills burnout.
Performance improvement through obstacle transparency and peer visibility.
Employee commitment and reduced staff turnover.
A healthy competitive environment.
Resource reality for projections and support/service planning.
Easy non-biased recognition mechanisms.

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