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While the HR department fulfils a crucial role, many companies struggle to establish a fully-fledged HR department.

The CRS HR Business Unit was established with this in mind and provides a full suite of HR services on an outsourced basis. In addition to flexible outsourcing, the Unit specialises in HR Business Process Re-engineering, Specialised Compensation, and the compilation of HR Metrics and Statistics.

CRS understands that it is not always feasible for companies to hire an HR practitioner. This is why CRS offers HR services on flexible outsourced terms. These services are provided through a consultant, temporary HR contractors or part-time HR assistants- depending on the needs of the company.

Companies can benefit from Service Level Agreements that govern HR services on an hourly, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. By leveraging the services of HR experts at CRS, companies are able to improve documentation, clarify and enforce expectations & policies, as well as improve employee job satisfaction and performance.



CRS offers specialised compensation and remuneration services. Its portfolio includes reviewing remuneration policies, as well as developing and implementing any required changes.

The company can also assist clients to communicate these changes clearly and ensure all employees fully grasp the impact. CRS experts can also evaluate and redefine job descriptions as well as analyse/ evaluate a company’s structures against market data.

Outsourcing non-core activities like payroll administration is a focus more businesses are turning to in order to improve efficiency and reduce operating expenses. With CRS’ Payroll services you can manage and plan your payroll costs, secure employee benefits and avoid spending money on purchasing new payroll technology.



CRS provides HR Business Process Re-engineering services to help organisations streamline workflows and processes while reducing operational costs. By cutting the time spent on essential business processes, companies can invest more substantially in developing their business offering and improving customer service. In this way, Business Process Re-engineering helps companies gain competitive advantage.

CRS is able to analyse a company’s workflow and processes to identify which of those are disconnected and areas that can be streamlined.

Through HR Business Process Re-engineering, CRS helps companies improve teamwork, increase productivity, reduce costs and implement organisational change.



CRS has a deep understanding of the inherent complexities of tax and related frameworks.

Tax authorities are more meticulous and curious than ever before, and legislative compliance is critical to the growth and success of any business.

CRS’ centre of expertise is comprised of a highly respected team of consultants who oversee statutory compliance, unravel the jargon and keep decision makers informed and therefore protected.


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