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CRS Participate is designed to ensure labour legislation compliance so that management can focus on business strategy.
The solution’s various modules are geared to simplifying administration while generating meaningful information and data-to-dashboard reporting for decision-making.

Recruitment – identify excellence

Facilitates the recruitment process from the creation of a vacancy through to the appointment of a successful candidate.
Training – maximise development

Enables development planning to be done for each employee and individual progress tracked against the individual development plan.
Performance Management – optimise outputs

Evaluates employee performance against predefined outcomes.
Employment Equity – plan and track progress

Provides the tools needed to establish and maintain the information and plans required to comply with the Employment Equity Act.
Employee Relations – drive compliance

Caters for the recording of incidents related to disciplinary and grievance procedures.
Wellness – monitor employee wellness

Generates accurate and appropriate data to support company wellness programmes.
Safety – protect your people

Records and manages all employee safety-related information.
Succession Planning – plan ahead

Performs gap analyses to determine employee strengths and weaknesses and identify employee development needs.


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