Automating transparency throughout core business process, start to finish
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With an increasing emphasis on remote workforces the ability to know who is doing what has become imperative to business leaders who don’t have eyes on project and administrative teams.

iProcess is a process management system that ensures companies don’t drop the ball when it comes to the execution and maintenance of critical activities within their organisation, as well as customer service interactions.

By empowering user insight across the project/process, big-picture understanding clearly outlines required productivity and creates a management flexibility that significantly enhances outcome.

iProcess gives users the ability to always know what is going on in the business, what the status is, and who is responsible for an item at any given moment.

While there are many complicated project management systems available in the marketplace, only one provides your management and workforce with constant status monitoring and transparent responsibilities in a simple, user-friendly tool.

Capture information about the business process through easy-to-use forms.
Create customised processes across different departments and locations.
User-friendly performance barometers and metrics ensure transparency by helping to identify process weak points and facilitate meaningful improvements.
Modify existing processes to facilitate change as your company grows.
Easily upload supporting documentation when required.
Allows for team collaboration throughout the process flow.
Scalable for small to enterprise-sized user bases.
Optimises everyday operations for maximum efficiency and productivity.
Ensures projects are aligned to stakeholder requirements and expectations.
Mobile-friendly website access.

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