CRS Technologies is the authorised distributor ofEngage™

Integrated Human Resources and Payroll Suite

The Engage™ suite of end-to-end modular software encompasses all aspects of the human resource and payroll functions and enables the entire employee lifecycle to be managed from a single database.

Leveraging the best benefits cloud computing has to offer, whether SaaS (Software as a Service), hybrid or on-premise, the system is fully legislatively compliant and incorporates robust security features.

Seamless cloud integration

Engage™ comprises several integrated modules that can be tailored to suit the needs of any business and seamlessly integrated into existing ERP systems, as well as add-on systems such as Workday and Success Factors. It is also the first Microsoft-integrated payroll in Africa.

Unlike its SMME counterparts, our truly scalable ERP offering easily manages ten, 1000 or 100 000 employees. Whether your business prefers an in-office, remote or hybrid working model, Engage™ offers exceptional data-to-dashboard reporting capabilities, eliminating the need for information export into cumbersome spreadsheets.

It compares favourably with any custom-built platform but at a fraction of the cost, relieving the human resources and payroll manager of low-value, time-intensive administrative duties. Additionally, the promise of a speedy and cost-effective deployment reduces total cost of ownership.

Flexibility and accuracy of the system are ensured through excellent support structures, together with ongoing training, maintenance and product enhancements.

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Participate empowers the human resources department through intelligence. The solution delivers a framework that provides a different engagement strategy for each stage of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment and onboarding, through to development, retention and finally, exit.
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Remunerate offers flexibility to suit the business, seamlessly automating the payroll department to operate in a secure, paperless environment.
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Envolve is an elegant resource management and data-to-dashboard reporting tool that has evolved from punitive resource monitoring systems and generations of unsuccessful employee engagement tools into a solution that works for both employer and employee.
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myWorkday is a web-based employee self-service system that enables employees to interact quickly and easily with all the human capital solutions in their organisation, from any location, on any device.
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CRS Technologies is a leader in human resources and payroll e-learning, training and development. We have developed a solution that is designed to continually grow the knowledge and skills of your professionals and optimise their efficiency.

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