The business partner you can trust with your HR and payroll

CRS understands the dynamics
of a department that does not generate revenue

but is critical to operations through its
contribution to expenditure savings with regard to:

Effective employee recruitment and hiring

Employee learning and development

Employee performance management

Consequently, we take a holistic approach to HR and payroll, empowering managers with cost-effective day-to-day solutions and services that enhance the efficiency of the HR and payroll environment, making it an asset that continuously adds value to the entire organisation.

Integrated HR and Payroll Suite

CRS’s comprehensive end-to-end HR and payroll management suite can be tailored to specific business requirements and implemented in a modular or phased approach.

Outsourced HR and Payroll Services

CRS’s outsourced services enable clients to supplement, complement or even replace their HR and payroll administrative processes, thus optimising the balance between internal control and delegation while reducing expenditure.

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