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Adapting to the future of work

Part of adapting to the future of work, work-life balance will be even more of a discussion point, prioritising the need to set clear boundaries between when the employee is available for work at home, and when the reasonable expectation is for personal time.

Remote workers bring additional security risks

Allowing employees to work from home: remote workers bring additional security risks Even though working remotely has become part of the new normal, companies must not neglect maintaining an integrated cyber security approach, especially when it comes to mission-critical functions such as payroll. According to Mathew Payne, Chief Information Officer at CRS Technologies, malicious users...

The challenges of a scattered workforce

Remote management: The challenges of a scattered workforce How are organisations supposed to manage and pay remote workers in world defined by distance? Looking at the world of work today, it has been cut in half. On one side is the office, the traffic and the regular flow of people into places and roles. On the other...

Doing business in the post-lockdown world

The recovery: Doing business in the post-lockdown world At the beginning of March few anticipated the significant impact the COVID-19 pandemic would have on the lives of all South Africans. As the gradual easing of the strict lockdown conditions approaches, thoughts turn to how companies will begin their recovery. Ian McAlister, GM of CRS Technologies, looks at...

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