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Envolve – an elegant resource management and reporting tool

Traditionally, human resource and payroll management operated in silos, which often resulted in mismanagement and confusion. Today, because of innovation in digital technology architecture, these business disciplines work in tandem and complement each other.  To ensure seamless interaction, CRS Technologies offers Envolve (part of the Engage™ software suite), an elegant resource management and reporting tool...

What makes a solution a payroll solution

Defining new age payroll… what makes a solution a payroll solution Optimised, digital payroll means rolling out payroll solutions that are fully automated, easily collaborated and straightforward to manage. There’s a reason why the name CRS Technologies ranks high in online searches on payroll solutions, digital payroll and automated business processes. It’s because we have...

Understanding the challenges of digitalising the payroll

What are the challenges of digitalising the payroll? While digitalising a payroll has become a business imperative given the geographically dispersed workforce resulting from widespread lockdown conditions, it does not come without its share of challenges. Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS Technologies, discusses some of the stumbling blocks that must be overcome to help...

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