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Called to become a sangoma

Called to become a sangoma? Can you take time off work to become a sangoma? South Africa is a nation rich in diverse cultures and religions, and certain beliefs and practices are deeply ingrained in the lives of those who adhere to them. Indeed, our constitution explicitly acknowledges the country’s multiplicity of cultural and traditional...

Tattoos in the workplace

Tattoos in the workplace and Tattoo discrimination Tattoo or not to tattoo: The workplace rules People with tattoos often face discrimination Some companies, of course, don’t mind at all if a person is covered in tattoos, but others may find this to be unacceptable in light of the kind of work the person does The...

People with disabilities

People with disabilities deserve to be treated with dignity in the workplace People with disabilities have an integral role to play in South Africa’s economy, yet they remain a largely untapped talent pool in the country, mostly owing to ongoing stigmatisation and misconceptions. A disability can be defined as any impairment of the body and/or...

CRS NewsFlash 25 August 2020 – SOUTH AFRICA – EE Draft Code of Good Practice – Violence and Harassment Prevention

AUGUST 2020 – SOUTH AFRICA DRAFT CODE OF GOOD PRACTICE ON THE PREVENTION AND ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE AND HARASSMENT It is important that employers note the following: New directive issued on public access to the CCMA during the COVID-19 pandemic Employment Equity Draft Code of Good Practice on violence and harassment On 20 August 2020...

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