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Global localisation and Payroll

What is global localisation, and what does it have to do with HR and payroll? First coined in the Harvard Business Review in 1980 by sociologist Roland Robertson, the term global localisation is rapidly gaining traction in the 21st century business landscape, and especially in the human resources and payroll space. The practice of global...

Benefits of cloud-based HR and payroll

What are the benefits of cloud-based HR and payroll system? The cloud services market continues to grow exponentially and is widely acknowledged as integral to digital transformation and business connectivity, especially when it comes to human resources (HR) and payroll. Owing to the cost benefits and efficiencies associated with cloud computing, many companies are eager...

Integrate your hr and payroll solutions

Why you should integrate your hr and payroll solutions  Human resources and payroll may be different functions within the business, but they share critical connections within the employee lifecycle. Consequently, when it comes to managing your workforce, integration isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a business imperative. If your business has not yet implemented...

Remote workers bring additional security risks

Allowing employees to work from home: remote workers bring additional security risks Even though working remotely has become part of the new normal, companies must not neglect maintaining an integrated cyber security approach, especially when it comes to mission-critical functions such as payroll. According to Mathew Payne, Chief Information Officer at CRS Technologies, malicious users...

Become the employer your staff love

How to become the employer your staff love Making employees happy might seem like an oversimplified way to deal with the complex issues modern organisations face, but as Ian McAlister, General Manager of CRS Technologies South Africa, points out, it is fundamental to the success of a business. This is where human resources (HR) and...

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