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Time to go back to the office

Time to go back to the office … here’s why The Great Resignation or mass exodus of employees after COVID-induced reassessment of their jobs is already an issue impacting human resource management – and now there is another: employers have drawn a line in the sand and given remote workers an ultimatum: come back to...

Technology helps improve company culture

How technology helps improve company culture and strategy Resource management is critical for insights The role of Human Resources (HR) services in improving or maintaining company culture has never been more important. Changing or improving company culture so that employees can better deliver on organisational mandates has been a challenge for as long as the...

Five ways technology will change human resources

Photo credit: pch.vector – Five ways technology will change human resources in South Africa in 2022 The role of HR services in South Africa has always been complex. However, the last three years have seen demand sky-rocket, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also because of the natural trajectory of the role itself....

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