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Secure employee buy-in for office return

Simple steps to secure employee buy-in for office return It is a fact that COVID-related disruption to the workplace has given rise to a hybrid work model, a flexible arrangement whereby staff are allowed to work some of the time at home and some of the time at the office. But as markets adjust to...

New generation human resources

COVID-19 – the catalyst for new generation human resources It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic upset global economies and disrupted most industries on some level. It magnified the role of human capital management in operations and exposed the vulnerability of some businesses, showing how prepared they really are to deal with crisis and continuity...

COVID-19 has created the digital nomad

COVID-19 has created the digital nomad – what now for employers? As businesses try to manage the realities of the post-pandemic workplace, they are being forced to deal with issues such as tax and HR regulation of digital nomads. Today, the hybrid work model, characterised by the ability of employees to work from home and...

Nothing like a fully transparent core business process

As the hybrid work model takes root and more employees continue to work from home and at the office, the need to have full visibility over human resources and projects has become imperative. Visibility over operations has to be consistent and end-to-end, and it takes powerful technology to make sure this happens. That is why...

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