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Good payroll services provider

Good payroll services provider – how to choose a good payroll service provider So, you’ve done your research, realised the benefits of hiring a payroll services provider and made the decision to go the outsourcing route. You know you want a partner that understands your specific needs; one you can trust with your payroll so...

The right payroll solution for your business

How to choose the right payroll solution for your business Processing your company’s payroll should be a breeze, but if your payroll department is living from one crisis to the next, chances are good you’ve outgrown your payroll solution. The workplace is constantly evolving and payroll solutions, together with the vendors who provide them, need...

Reasons to hire a payroll services company

Top reasons to hire a payroll services company  Regardless of the size of their organisation, all employers want their employees to be paid accurately and on time, every time. This enhances employees’ trust in the company, improves job satisfaction and drives a positive culture within the organisation. But developing and sustaining the manpower required to...

FEBRUARY 2022 – SOUTH AFRICA NEW NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE It is important that employers note the following: New national minimum wage announced On 7 February 2022 the Department of Employment and Labour published Government Gazette No. 45882, providing for the amendment of the national minimum wage (NMW), as set out in Schedule 1 and Schedule...

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