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Give payroll errors a miss in 2022 with tight and efficient payroll management Tight and efficient payroll management throughout the year can transform year-end complexities and minimise errors. When it comes to payroll, perhaps one of the biggest challenges is the fact that no organisation can afford to get it wrong. Mistakes can impact both...

CRS Technologies, a leader in integrated and efficient human resources and payroll solutions and services in the South African market, has optimised payroll processing to reduce the time spent on payroll management and admin to as little as eight minutes. The CRS Speed Campaign has proven results in processing payroll, inclusive of medical aid and leave, from one to 100 000 employees...

Managing payroll is a complex undertaking, driven by a country’s regulatory environment. When it comes to doing this on a global scale, however, the business must address the myriad of tax regulations in all the jurisdictions in which it operates, says Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS Technologies.

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