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Bare minimum Mondays

We are living in interesting times… heard of ‘bare minimum Mondays’? One thing is for certain – businesses operating in the post-COVID era are experiencing some interesting phenomena! As we’re just getting our heads round the ‘four-day week’, ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘the great resignation’, we now have another issue to contend with – ‘bare minimum...

Quiet hiring to address quiet quitting

Businesses can use quiet hiring to address quiet quitting CRS Technologies explores the options available to both employees and employers as businesses readjust to a post-COVID-19 society. The contentious issue of quiet quitting in the workplace or putting in minimal effort to avoid termination is considered by some to be a logical repercussion of COVID-19....

The threat that is quiet quitting and what to do about it

Recent statistics show that 50% of the US workforce comprises quiet quitters. If this is true, companies can forget about reaching their targets regarding growth and profitability. When half your workforce is doing the bare minimum, the result is catastrophic bottom-line results. Already under pressure from the great resignation and the havoc this has wreaked...

Quiet quitters

South Africa’s ‘quiet quitters’ are draining battle-weary businesses CRS Technologies offers companies some advice on how to deal with this emerging phenomenon. Quiet quitting is a new phenomenon in the workplace that threatens to overwhelm already pressured business leaders. It refers to employees who are doing the very least they can get away with or...

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