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09NEW: Navigating the Future of Payroll and HR - SaaS vs Cloud adoption


A guide to cloud adoption vs legacy systems. Get insight from a SaaS and Cloud perspective.

Download these two White Papers to better understand how cloud based Payroll and HR systems, stack up against legacy systems.

    08The Mobile Experience for human resources and payroll


    Let CRS help you navigate the challenges of delivering human resources and payroll through a mobile-rich environment to ensure your employees remain productive, regardless of their geographic location.

    Download this White Paper to better understand how mobile technologies and applications can drive employee engagement and improve productivity.

      07The Debate Between Compulsory and Voluntary Vaccinations


      Let CRS help you navigate the challenges of vaccinations in the work environment to ensure your organisation does not discriminate against any employee while still taking the necessary steps to keep your workforce safe from the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

      Download this White Paper to better grasp the complexities of voluntary versus mandatory vaccinations in the workplace.

        06Digitising a Payroll System: Understanding the business case


        Examining the requirements of a digital payroll environment and explores the business cost of implementation beyond the rands and cents

          05Understanding the future of work landscape

          White Paper

          Understanding the future of work landscape and the role of digital transformation to create a more agile business. Let CRS help you redefine your work environment to optimise it for a more connected digital landscape.

            04Gender classification

            White Paper

            Gender classification in the workplace: How companies must adapt to changing times.

              03Evolving requirements of remote workforce management

              White Paper

              The evolving requirements of remote workforce management and the impact on existing HR policies. Let CRS help your business review and revise its HR policies to accommodate your expanding remote workforce

                02SMME vs Enterprise

                White Paper

                Choosing the right software for your enterprise or small business and understanding the efficacy of enterprise solutions in the digital world.

                  01Enhancing Payroll with the Cloud

                  White Paper

                  Understanding the implications of HR and payroll systems data stored in the cloud.


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