New parental leave law

New parental leave law and what it means for your business

It is common knowledge that South African businesses have had to endure uncertainty over new legislation governing leave, particularly when it comes to planning for its impact on the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) system.

Why Outsource your HR?

The business case for outsourcing the HR function is straightforward – it provides any-sized business with a dependable resource that can be used to effectively manage HR with less cost, less risk and less pressure on resources, if you have the right partner on board.
The gender pay gap – inequality continues to impact human resources

Gender pay gap inequality still impacts human resources

Human resource and human capital management experts agree – the fact that women are generally paid less than men in the workplace has a detrimental effect on society.  As one academic put it – “unfair pay practices perpetuate societal inequalities and keep families in poverty”.
Access to a tax advisory service during tax season adds value

Access to a tax advisory service during tax season adds substantial value

Access to a tax advisory service adds value in a substantial manner during the annual tax season. We all know the drill by now… around this time of the year, tax season, businesses have to ensure compliance with SARS legislation governing…
Flag of Kenya

News on Kenya’s National Housing Development Fund

The latest news about Kenya’s National Housing Development Fund (NHDF) is that its implementation has been delayed. On Monday 27 May 2019 the implementation of the NDHF levy was extended by the Employer and Labour Relations Court, which effectively barred the government from enforcing the disputed 1.5% housing levy.

Become the employer your staff love

How to become the employer your staff love Making employees happy might seem like an oversimplified way to deal with the complex issues modern organisations face, but as Ian McAlister, General Manager of CRS Technologies South Africa, points…
Workplace Skills Planning and Training

SA Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report reminder

Only a few days remain until 30 April 2019 – the final date on which South African employers can submit their Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) to their respective Skills Education Training Authority (SETA).

The changing face of health and safety

Health and safety continues to have a strong focus in the local mining sector with accidents and illegal activities continuing to be of concern. However, beyond this, how has health and safety expanded into other sectors in the market?

Update your payroll calendars

Election Day is scheduled for 8 May 2019, please don’t forget to update your payroll calendars with 8 May being a public holiday.
Importance of the Health and safety officer

The importance of the health and safety officer

The importance of the health and safety officer is to fulfill a critical function to the success of the modern organisation. As the name suggests, the person is there to promote health and safety inside a business. But what does this exactly entail?

Mboweni doesn’t mince his words … times are about to get tougher

If South African businesses were in the dark about what lies ahead financially, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni made things very clear in his 2019/2020 Budget Speech and important changes affecting payroll.

Tax year-end – don’t be caught napping

Along with all the other responsibilities associated with tax management in South Africa, businesses are reminded of their PAYE (Pay as you Earn) obligations towards SARS – including the onus to issue IRP5 tax certificates to employees. Local…