Payroll software
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CRS Remunerate assists companies with all activities pertaining to employees’ remuneration and benefits.
Each module in the solution allows for ease of transactions, recording of history and data-to-dashboard reporting.

Base – system backbone

Contains all the functions and information common among the defined modules.
Payroll – ensuring compliance

Facilitates the management of all remuneration-related information and ensures company-specific policies are adhered to.
Leave – automated efficiency

Assists with the planning, monitoring and controlling of leave within the company.
Loans – manage staff debt

Manages short-term, personal and even complex long-term loans with variable interest rates and repayments.
Creditors – painless payments

Handles all third-party payments according to the deductions done from employees during the pay run.
Budgeting – planning and measuring costs

Plans and measures salary/employee costs for budgeting purposes.
Salary Review – paperless increases

Enables the allocation of increases by employee, department or grade.
Package Structuring – flexible employee options

Sets up multiple compensation sub-modules to facilitate various grade or job-specific package structures in the organisation.


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